8/1/13 – Martin Attorneys Receive Inaugural State WC Certifications

August 1, 2013

(Philadelphia, PA) – Three partners from Martin Law are now Workers’ Compensation Specialists after successfully taking the first-ever offered certification exam held in the spring by the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Workers’ Compensation Section.

Firm founder George Martin and partners Joe Huttemann and Al Carlson are three of just 149 attorneys in all of Pennsylvania who successfully navigated the certification process, as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The certifications are a testament to an attorney’s deep knowledge of Workers’ Compensation law, according to another partner, Matt Wilson, who served for several years on the PBA’s subcommittee in formulating the groundbreaking certification standards originally unveiled in 2012.

“Our committee’s fine-tuning of the testing and certification process was rigorous and ongoing,” noted Wilson. “The process involves an application stage where practitioners document that they’ve practiced this type of law for more than five years, dedicate at least half of their practice to it, then sit for a comprehensive four-hour exam. I know it is comprehensive because I have taken it multiple times myself during its development.”

The establishment of the process was meant to recognize attorneys in the specialty of Workers’ Compensation and allow those with a dedicated practice stand out from others who devote only a fraction of their practice to that type of law. As a result, the general public can make an even more informed choice when considering who will represent them during the claims process.