What is a consultative examination? Shortly after filing a claim for disability benefits, you may receive a message from the Social Security Administration informing you of an examination appointment. This medical exam is known as a “consultative exam.” It is normal to feel nervous upon receiving this notice, and you may very well feel apprehension…. Read more


What Are Disfigurement Claims?

In Pennsylvania, if an employee sustains permanent, unsightly disfigurement or scarring of the head, face, or neck during their employment, they may be entitled to compensation. However, benefits will not continue to be awarded for more than 275 weeks, as determined at the discretion of the Workers’ Compensation Judge after a hearing. Disfigurement could include… Read more


Can you work while collecting Social Security Disability?

As a Social Security Disability Attorney, people often ask me if being on Social Security Disability means you are not allowed to work. Social Security’s definition of disability is “an inability to work.” By this definition, working would disqualify someone from collecting disability at the same.             Social Security defines work in a particular way…. Read more


What is a Mental/Mental Workers’ Compensation Case? 

The Payes Case Relevant case law divides psychological injuries into three categories, each with different requirements to prove an injury. One of these categories is a mental condition that occurs during or after a physical event (physical/mental injury). For example, if a worker’s hand was torn off while handling chicken in a meat processing plant… Read more


The Importance of Reporting an Injury at Work

Reporting an injury to an employer is the first important step an injured worker must take to secure the rights that person deserves. It can be difficult, but it can spell trouble for a claim in the long run if this step is ignored.     Why would an injured worker avoid reporting an injury?  Some… Read more



(Philadelphia, PA) – George Martin, the founder of Martin Law, LLC, one of the largest law firms in Pennsylvania focusing on Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, Long Term Disability, and Veterans’ Benefits, has announced his plans to retire from the firm at the end of 2022. It was in 1979 when Martin, a young attorney,… Read more

Press releases

Lauren McDowell Joins Martin Law

Martin Law, LLC. announces that Attorney Lauren McDowell, Esq. has joined Martin Law as an Associate in the Workers’ Compensation department. Ms. McDowell earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Justice Studies with a Minor in Legal Studies from Drexel University in 2018. She continued her education at Villanova University Charles Widger School of… Read more


Martin Law Supports over 2,800 Young Athletes in Fall Athletic Programs

Martin Law has partnered with LeagueSide for over 13 seasons to provide children with the opportunity to take the field. This autumn Martin Law worked with LeagueSide to support over 2,800 players across Pennsylvania. Martin Law sponsored 4 leagues including Lehigh Valley United, Capital Area Soccer Association, Team X Sports, and I9 Sports in Harrisburg…. Read more