Martin Law Supports over 2,800 Young Athletes in Fall Athletic Programs

Martin Law has partnered with LeagueSide for over 13 seasons to provide children with the opportunity to take the field. This autumn Martin Law worked with LeagueSide to support over 2,800 players across Pennsylvania. Martin Law sponsored 4 leagues including Lehigh Valley United, Capital Area Soccer Association, Team X Sports, and I9 Sports in Harrisburg…. Read more

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Congratulations to our Attorneys that have been listed in the 28th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America®. The 2022 Best Lawyers List includes: Joseph Conlan, Joseph Huttemann, Amit Shah, George Martin, Alfred Carlson, Matthew Wilson, and John Dogum. A special congratulations to Attorney Steve Ryan who received a Best Lawyers 2022 ”Ones To Watch” recognition. Martin… Read more


The Importance of Medical Treatment in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Consistent and reliable medical treatment is at the heart of almost every successful workers’ compensation claim, and a recent Commonwealth Court decision in Ciarolla v. WCAB (Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals) reinforces the critical role it plays.  In fact, any gaps in medical treatment can be used to undermine an injured worker’s claim, and anyone with an injury… Read more


Jenna King Nominated to PBA’s Workers’ Compensation Council

(Philadelphia, PA) – Jenna King, Esq., our newest workers’ compensation associate, was nominated to the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Council during its May 2020 meeting. Ms. King will serve a three-year term on the Workers’ Compensation Council. Ms. King joins Martin Law partners George Martin and Matthew Wilson who have been council members since 1987… Read more


Furlough versus Layoffs and Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvanians have been subject to layoffs and indefinite furloughs in historic numbers. The difference between a furlough and a layoff is strictly one of employment relationship. In most instances, furloughed workers are still considered employees of their organization during the unpaid leave of absence whereas laid off workers are… Read more


Why You Should Hire A Lawyer For Your VA Appeal

If you have been denied the full compensation you deserve from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you have the right to handle the entire process yourself. However, you should consider working with a knowledgeable veterans law attorney. You will be at a significant disadvantage without one. The appeals process that follows a denial can… Read more


Special workers’ Compensation Protections For Pennsylvania Firefighters

The Firefighters Cancer Presumption Act and other laws provide increased workers’ comp coverage for firefighters.When the calls for help come in, firefighters charge into burning buildings while other people run out of them. The real risks of the job, however, often appear years later. Firefighters have a significantly higher risk of cancer and certain other… Read more


Can I Obtain Workers’ Comp And Social Security Disability Benefits?

Injured workers can receive Workers’ comp and SSDI at the same time, but benefit amounts may be reduced.If you have been permanently disabled in a work-related accident, you may wonder if you can obtain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits. In many cases, you can. Workers who are… Read more


Appellate Court: Chasing Thief Was In Course Of Employment

A Pennsylvania appellate court held that a convenience store worker who suffered fatal injuries while chasing a thief was eligible for workers’ comp benefits.Walter Wetzel died in April 2010, several months after he was run over in his employer’s convenience store parking lot while trying to stop a thief. Three years later, a Pennsylvania appellate… Read more