Tree trimmer killed after working near power lines

A tree-trimmer in Pennsylvania was killed in a workplace accident that highlights the dangers of working near power lines. The man was working for a tree-trimming company and was trimming trees when he hit a power line.

The worker suffered fatal injuries after being electrocuted by the 12,000 volt-power line, according to the local coroner who ruled that the man died of electrocution. The worker was employed by Asplundh Tree Expert Co., and was working in the area on a project to trim branches by the power lines.

The electrical company that contracted the tree trimming workers said that they do not shut down power lines when workers are trimming the trees, and said that workers are supposed to receive training on how to work around power lines to reduce the risk of being injured or killed by electrocution.

Working near power lines can be very dangerous and puts workers at risk for being electrocuted. That is why employers are supposed to properly train and educate workers on how to safely work around power lines to prevent workplace accidents and injuries like this one.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has safety regulations and guidelines for working around power lines and has launched an investigation into the fatal accident in Pennsylvania.

Electrocution can cause fatal or very serious injuries. That is why workers should be aware of the risks they face on the job, and why employers are supposed to train workers on how to safely avoid electrocution hazards, especially when they are working near power lines.

Workers who suffer injuries due to lack of training or do not receive proper safety equipment while working may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania. Injured workers or families of victims should contact a workers’ compensation attorney to understand the process of applying for workers’ compensation benefits as well as to see what other legal action may be appropriate to pursue.

Source: Lehigh Valley Live, “Worker killed in tree trimming accident was electrocuted, coroner says,” Sarah M. Wojcik, July 29, 2013