Pennsylvania Lawyers Helping Those Returning to Work

While it is never acceptable for an employer to harass an employee in the workplace, it is additionally harmful when an injured worker is the target of that harassment. Harassment from co-workers or from management after returning to work from a serious injury, whether it is in full-time or light-duty capacity, is unacceptable and it is in your best interest to discuss your rights with an experienced lawyer.

At the law firm of Martin Law, our firm has helped thousands of injured workers obtain the benefits they are entitled to after an accident on the job. We help our clients protect their rights throughout Pennsylvania, whether they have just been injured or have already returned to work and are facing harassment on the job.
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Philadelphia Harassment Attorneys

There is no excuse for harassment in the workplace, and all employees should be treated with respect. If you are being harassed, it is important to note the dates and times, how you are being harassed and any other important information about these instances. If an employer is trying to force you to resign, it is additionally crucial to take action to protect your rights.

You deserve to work without fearing harassment or mistreatment on the job. Our firm can help by standing up for you after you have returned to work following a workplace injury.

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