Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Attorneys Answering Your Questions

With more than 30 years of experience in workers’ compensation, the Pennsylvania workers’ comp attorneys of Martin Law have handled every type of injury, every scenario, in every line of work. Martin Law represents only injured workers, so you can trust that we will give you honest answers about your claim and your work injury rights.

If you have a work injury and need legal assistance, please call us at 215.587.8400 or contact our law firm by e-mail — the sooner the better. You can do serious harm to your case by signing documents or giving statements before talking to an attorney.

Common Issues in Filing Work Injury Claims

Other issues that may arise in workers’ comp claims include workplace violence, telecommuting, home offices and independent contractor status. No matter what issue you have, our Philadelphia lawyers will guide you in the right direction.

We Are Here to Help With Common Issues in Work Injury Claims

Our attorneys and staff welcome your questions. Our firm was founded on protecting and defending injured workers, and we know that the workman’s comp laws are confusing — and further confused by dishonest employers and insurance company representatives.

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