When A Workplace Injury Is A Matter Of Life And Death

All workers’ compensation claims are important. The majority involve situations where an injury has resulted in a temporary disability or may require a change in profession to enable an injured worker to return to the workforce.

Unfortunately, some workers’ compensation claims involve the death of a worker. This leaves families uncertain of whom they can trust and what help is available to them, both in terms of legal representation and financial benefits.

Even worse, difficult legal decisions must be made while grieving the loss of a spouse, parent or child, placing people at risk for being taken advantage of by the insurance companies.

Death benefits are available and can be paid to a deceased worker’s dependents, namely spouses and children. But the process will not necessarily be cut and dry, even though the law is. Employers are in no mood to pay for workers’ comp death benefits, creating the perception that their work environment is unsafe, or increasing the risk of higher workers’ compensation premiums.

If you have questions about your rights after the loss of a loved one, you can receive the answers you need from the compassionate attorneys at Martin Law.