Employee killed when truck backs into pole

Pennsylvania employees in any line of work should be mindful of safety protocol and potential hazards. People who work in more dangerous jobs or around heavy equipment including trucks have even more reason for this diligence. An industrial accident can happen at any time and swiftly cause a serious workplace injury or even claim the life of an employee.

A man employed as a refuse and recycling collector witnessed the death of a co-worker in a work accident still under investigation. Together, the two men were riding on the rear portion of a truck used by the city of Erie for collecting compost and recycling materials. As the driver of the truck was backing up, he struck a pole. After the impact, he then pulled the vehicle forward. It was at this point that one of the men in back noticed that the other man had been injured and he called for help. His co-worker was pronounced dead less than 45 minutes later.

Reports indicate that the truck’s backup alarm systems were all functional at the time of the accident. This includes the audible signal that the driver should have heard as he neared the pole as well as alarms that the riders could have pushed from the back. However, the rear alarms were not utilized. It is unclear if there was insufficient time to do so. The potential use of a smartphone by the driver at the time is being investigated as is the involvement of drugs or alcohol on the part of the driver.

Industrial accidents like these cause tragic results for survivors. Relatives of people who have suffered in this way could benefit from talking to an attorney.

Source: GoErie.com, “Coroner IDs victim in Erie refuse truck accident,” Tim Hahn, Oct. 17, 2015