How can I make applying for disability less stressful?

Applying for Social Security programs can be a very stressful experience. While there isn’t a way to completely remove the stress from the process, it might be possible to reduce the stress some by ensuring you are prepared for the process when you apply.

What information do I need to gather?

You need to provide your birth certificate, banking information, work history and a host of other information as part of the application process. If you are married or have minor children, you need their Social Security numbers. You will also need contact information for someone who the Social Security Administration can contact if they can’t get in touch with you. Additionally, you need to know contact information for all hospitals, clinics and doctors you have seen. You need any medical records you have, names of all medications you take, your patient ID numbers and the dates on which you have been seen by your doctors.

What forms do I complete and what is the process after I complete them?

You must complete the application and the Adult Disability Report. Once you have done that, you will have to sit for an interview. It is imperative that you have the aforementioned documents ready for that interview. A complete and accurate application, as well as being prepared for the interview, might help the application process to be a little less stressful.

When you complete the application, be as accurate as possible. There is a chance that your application for Social Security Disability for an injury will be denied. If that occurs, you should explore your options for appealing the decision.