Construction worker dies in collapsed trench

People who work in the construction industry in Pennsylvania know that there are many inherent dangers on their job sites. Many a construction site accident has taken place that involves things like a ladder fall, a machinery accident, a scaffolding fall and more. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration does publish guidelines and rules that are to be followed in order to maintain the highest level of safety on all construction sites. Sadly, however, these rules are not able to prevent all injuries.

OSHA is currently investigating the death of a 21-year-old construction worker in Pennsylvania. The man was working for a company that was a subcontractor on a job. The company was responsible for some work to a sewer line in back of a building. The victim was working in a trench approximately 11 feet deep. One report indicates that the trench may not have been properly shored up.

The man died after being buried in that trench due to its collapse. Crews had to unbury the body by removing dirt with a bucket, one batch at a time in order to find him. It appears that no other people were involved or injured in the incident. It is unknown how long the man had been working for the company. The accident took place in Penn Township in Butler County.

Due to the high risk of accidents like this, construction workers and their family members should always be aware of how to get help at these times. Talking with an attorney can be one option that offers valuable assistance.

Source: WTAE, “Fatal trench collapse reported behind care home in Penn Township, Butler County,” Kelly Brennan, Sept. 29, 2015