Three construction workers injured in King of Prussia mall accident

High Voltage Danger sign

Three construction workers were hospitalized recently when a live electrical cable was cut during an expansion project at a King of Prussia mall. One of the workers was listed in critical condition while a second man was hospitalized for treatment of injuries. The third worker was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Unfortunately, serious injuries are commonplace on construction sites. Typically, the scope of work dictates how many workers and the types of contractors involved at the same time. Whether you are working on the high steel, pouring concrete or rerouting electrical cables, catastrophic injury is a very real possibility.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can thoroughly investigate the situation, and guide injured workers through the legal process of recovering the benefits he or she is owed. Workers’ compensation exists to ensure that workers injured on the job are properly compensated for lost wages and medical treatment. Whether it is a crush injury in a machine press or an electrical burn that damages the skin and subcutaneous tissue, a lawyer can fight to ensure the workers’ compensation process runs smoothly.

While many workers might be hesitant to report an accident for fear of punishment or retaliation, the workers’ compensation process does not ascribe fault to an injury. The fact that you were hurt while performing a job task is typically enough to start the compensation process. A knowledgeable lawyer can take the time to answer questions specific to your case. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation in greater detail.

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