Earth Day: The George and Miriam Martin Foundation

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know that George Martin is an environmentalist at heart?

Pictured below are Martin Law attorneys at Sanibel Island in November 2014 visiting the Walkway into the Wilds built by the George and Miriam Martin Foundation.

Sanibel Island

In addition to his successful law career, George also founded the George and Miriam Martin Foundation ( in 1996 to protect our environment, which has given more than $4 million to charitable organizations working to protect rivers and watersheds. The organization which was formed in honor of his parents is testament to his lifelong dedication to protecting the environment.

George currently serves as Chairman on the Planning Commission of West Vincent Township in Chester County and as a Vice President of the Board of Trustees for Earthjustice, the world’s largest non profit environmental law firm. Previously, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the French & Pickering Conservation Trust, in Chester County, PA and was honored by the them in 2013 with the “Morris Conservation Award” for his contributions to the organization’s work.


George loves to be out in the world finding new adventures across the Earth. He doesn’t spend his vacations on the beach or front of a TV, he climbs mountains, and goes white water rafting down the Colorado River.

George Mt Ranier2

How are you celebrating the day?