High-quality Medical Treatment for Injured Workers

One of the hardest problems an injured worker faces is obtaining high-quality medical treatment. Frequently this is a complicated decision. As lawyers, we can help guide our clients, but we are not doctors. I am frequently asked the questions: “Is my doctor doing the right thing?” or “Should I have surgery?” I can provide guidance from past experience, but each individual medical decision is between the patient and the doctor.

While it is extremely important to treat for your work injury, it is also important to maintain your regular healthcare. Many people suffer other medical complications while recovering from a work injury. Common conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and weight control can be harder to manage during a work injury. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you continue to see a primary care physician in conjunction with your treatment for the work injury.

Ultimately, we are concerned about your overall well-being and not just your ability to heal from the injury. As we all know, the affordable healthcare act remains the law. If you do not have coverage for routine health needs, we recommend that you continue to pursue a low-cost health care option available under ACA. Be well.