July 2013

Farm workers face risk of pesticide poisoning

July 26, 2013

Farm workers face several hazards on the job but a new report found that many farm workers in the U.S. are exposed to serious health risks every year. Farm workers...

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Health care workers not protected from workplace hazards

July 18, 2013

Health care workers in Pennsylvania face many workplace hazards and are at risk for suffering workplace injuries throughout their career. All workers are supposed to be protected from workplace hazards...

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Construction falls can be prevented with proper safety equipment

July 10, 2013

In our previous blog posts, we've discussed the dangers construction workers in Pennsylvania face every time they work on a residential construction project. Falls are still the most common cause...

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Pennsylvania Proud: The Story of Martin Law

July 8, 2013

"Making the world better, one client at a time." Martin Law is honored to have participated in the local suburban publication "Pennsylvania Proud" - dedicated to the products created and...

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Be aware of the safety hazards this Fourth of July

July 3, 2013

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and with the Independence Day celebrations, many people forget about the safety hazards that put many workers in Pennsylvania at risk. Every year after...

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Firm Update Newsletter, Summer 2013

July 1, 2013

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The workers' compensation attorneys at Martin Law have received numerous honors and awards—from other lawyers, neutral third-party publications and trusted consumer organizations. The achievement we are most proud of is simply being able to help the many decent, hardworking people who have suffered the misfortune of a work injury.