Construction falls can be prevented with proper safety equipment

In our previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the dangers construction workers in Pennsylvania face every time they work on a residential construction project. Falls are still the most common cause of workplace fatalities for construction workers, especially those who work in the residential construction industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2011, 64 percent of residential construction fatalities were caused by falls, and 100 percent of the fatalities among framing contractors were caused by construction falls.

To address the risks construction workers face everyday, the construction industry has been trying to find ways to keep workers from being injured or killed in falls from heights and other workplace accidents.

A new study may be able to keep workers in the construction industry safer and reduce the risk of being injured on the job. The study found that current fall protection solutions used in the construction industry can effectively prevent falls.

The research showed that three different types of fall protection devices can prevent falls and fatal injuries to construction workers. The three different solutions are protection for floor coverings, personal fall arrest anchorage and temporary walking surfaces. All of these devices can prevent workers from being injured in falls from heights as long as the construction workers receive minimal training on how to use the safety devices.

The researchers noted that it takes some time for workers to learn how to use the fall protection equipment but it can significantly reduce the risk of being injured or killed in a fall accident. Many construction companies may not want to take the time to purchase and train workers on how to use the fall protection equipment. Not having proper fall protection equipment and training puts construction workers at risk for being injured or killed.

Because not all employers will take the appropriate steps to keep workers safe, workers should be aware of the safety equipment that can prevent injuries and accidents and take steps to make sure everyone is aware of the safety steps to take to prevent accidents from happening in the workplace.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Residential Fall Protection Study Shows a Variety of Solutions to Protect Workers from Injury,” July 9, 2013