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Unemployment Compensation

March 10, 2017

Clients frequently ask whether they can receive unemployment compensation while waiting for a claim to be decided in a Workers’ Compensation case. The answer, as usual is it depends on...

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Can I sue my employer for negligence?

March 9, 2017

When the Workers’ Compensation Act was first created at the turn of the Century (the early 1900’s) one of the purposes was to create immunity against civil suit by an...

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What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

February 21, 2017

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are two programs that provide cash benefits to disabled individuals.  While both programs require that claimants be disabled from work,...

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Costs Have Gone Down

January 31, 2017

A national study found that workers’ compensation insurance costs for Pennsylvania businesses have gone down. Among the 50 states, Pennsylvania used to rank 17th for highest insurance costs. Now Pennsylvania...

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Elisa Advani Appointed to Hispanic Bar Association of PA’s Board

January 25, 2017

(Philadelphia) –Martin Law associate Elisa Advani has recently been elected to the Board for the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania. Elisa Advani is an associate practicing Workers’ Compensation. She previously...

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January 16, 2017

According to the Workers’ Compensation Act, injured workers are entitled to indemnity (wage-loss) benefits equal to two-thirds of their weekly wage for a work-related injury. However, there are minimum and...

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Football Players Seeking Workers’ Compensation for Head Injuries

January 12, 2017

Professional football players are like any other Pennsylvania employee -- they might be entitled to workers’ compensation when they are injured on the job. Football is a dangerous sport, and...

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What are workers comp investigators allowed to do? Social Media Tips

December 20, 2016

As much as you may love social media, give it a rest while you're involved in a legal case. Information on social media is not private. Once you post, share,...

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Amit Shah Named Co-Chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Workers Compensation Section

December 9, 2016

(Philadelphia, PA) – Martin Law partner, Amit Shah, has been named Co-Chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Workers Compensation Section for 2017. This position has been previously held by Martin...

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Falls in the Construction Industry

December 8, 2016

Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, and they have been happening far too frequently in Philadelphia. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety...

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Awards & Accomplishments

The workers' compensation attorneys at Martin Law have received numerous honors and awards—from other lawyers, neutral third-party publications and trusted consumer organizations. The achievement we are most proud of is simply being able to help the many decent, hardworking people who have suffered the misfortune of a work injury.