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“I had a wonderful experience with Martin Law. Joe Huttemann and his team were a dream to work with. Meredith was patient and answered all of my questions quickly via phone or email. I would recommend and have recommended Martin Law to anyone who requires their services.”

Renee R.

“Thanks to Martin [Law] and “my awesome Joe,” I have gotten through not 1, but 2 workers’ comp cases. I rave about Martin Law. I was always treated with respect and compassion by extremely knowledgeable and professional, down-to-earth people. I wouldn’t use anyone else. I have already recommended Martin [Law] to a couple of my friends. Again I thank Martin [Law], and Mr. Joseph Huttemann from the bottom of my heart for always having my back.” ”

Deborah B.

“They worked for me from the beginning to end. They always had the answers and if not got back in a quick manner so I was not waiting to make decisions.”

Arthur M.


“I had a very good experience with your firm. Everyone was very organized [and] knew exactly what was going on. Even the two secretaries were always very helpful. Joe Huttemann was very polite too. I will definitely refer people to you and I will use you again if I need to. Thank you again for all your help.”

Deanna R.

“My attorney was Alfred Carlson, he was a pleasure to have represent me in my case. His staff was very helpful and pleasant and great to deal with in regards to any questions or information you might need. They are friendly, pleasant and respectful.”

Carol L.

“My experience with Martin Law and the Matthew L. Wilson, Esq. group has always been professional and caring. The Wilson team has provided excellent knowledge and careful details of every step and process from beginning to end. The entire staff presents a heartfelt concern and consideration in every act of the legal process with very much understanding and clarity which has given me comfort and assurance. I have recommended family, friends and associates that were in need of expert legal representation to the Martin Law Firm.”

Darrick T.

“I have had a great and honest experience with the firm and my attorney Al Carlson. From the first time that I met him (Al) and the way that he spoke to me, I knew I had done the right thing for myself. I can’t speak enough about the honesty that flows from Al Carlson down [through] Paula, [Kristi] and Katrina. They are always courteous and tenacious and always follow up on any question or concern that you may have. They address you professionally and handle every situation professionally even though the other party may not be professional. I would trust them with anything and recommend them always.”

Elaine B.

“Mr. Amit Shah and his team helped me far beyond my hopes or any expectation during this unfortunate stressful work injury.”

Jeanette H.

“I would like to thank Matt and his [assistants] Amanda and Jennifer for all their work with my case, for all the phone calls with questions we made and your timely answers. We would highly recommend you to our friends and family.””

Jim and Jackie O.

“I had a workers’ compensation injury. I was never out of work prior to this so to say I was worried is an understatement. Mr. Amit Shah and his entire staff are attentive, professional, [and] articulate. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone. A very positive experience at a difficult time!”

Roseann D.

“I had a serious injury with head trauma and unable to work. Being a single parent and not having any family to help out. I did not know what I was going to do. Due to the type of insurance, I was told I was not covered. Trying to care for my family, manage the insurance situation, complications from my injuries, not being able to work, the list goes on. I looked online and made a few calls to a couple injury law firms. The last I had called with was Martin Law. I spoke with Al Carlson [and] he came out to my home. Al assured me he would do whatever he could to help with my situation. Due to the complicated matter of my case it was not going to be easy. Through the course of litigation Mr. Carlson and the entire staff at Martin Law were nothing but helpful and professional. One of the best phone calls I have ever made. I would refer them to anyone in a personal injury or workers’ compensation case. All I can say is thank you to Mr. Carlson and the entire staff at Martin Law. Things have been settled in my favor and I could not have done it without their help.”

Matt B.

“It was a pleasure working with Martin Law. My attorney was Joseph C. Huttemann and he and his team did great and timely work and kept me informed on the status of my case until the end of the adjudication process. They explain to me what my rights are and got me all the necessary medical attention and support I needed. Having Martin Law representing me through this trying time gave me peace of mind and I would recommend them to anyone injured on the job. Thank you Mr. Huttemann and Martin Law for the outstanding work you’ve done representing me.”

Eric B.

“Your team at Martin Law, to include Attorney Alfred Carlson, his legal secretary Paula Cedar, and the rest of his staff, have been of great value in avoiding the pit falls so easy to be trapped by when you have no experience dealing with a large workman’s compensation insurance carrier. Thank you for all your help.”

Lee S.

“My experience in this firm is that I am very pleased and satisfied with the work and the professionalism in this office. The staff is very polite and helpful to all my questions and keeping me up-to-date with my case. I have no complaints and this firm is highly recommended. Very professional and they get the work done.”

Juan D.

“I would highly recommend Martin Law! Joe Huttemann and his staff are wonderful. They always answered my questions and always resolve my problems.”

Sherry B.

“My experience with the firm was extraordinary. My attorney had shown throughout the process a great deal of understanding, efforts, patience, and professionalism.”

Marie L.

“My experience with Martin Law was very impressive. The team concept was outstanding. His three associates could answer any and all of my questions at any time. I will recommend this law firm to anyone who needs legal assistance.”

Raymond S.

“Thank you Mr. Carlson. You are # One.”

Fouad E.

“From my first meeting with Mr. Wilson I knew I was in the best hands for my workman’s comp. claim. Everything was explained thoroughly. Mr. Wilson and his staff went above what they had to when I had any questions. I would recommend Martin [Law] to anyone. It’s a gratifying experience to know that your firm cares what really happens to people!”

Helen B

“I was treated very professionally and fair. I feel very grateful for your representation as a lawyer. I thank God for your services. Thank you for your support; very [satisfied] [with] the way you handle my case.”

Clarita A.

“It was fantastic. I could not be more pleased. I would like to thank Al Carlson and his whole team for all their hard work.”

Michael D.

“Our experience with Martin [Law] was both informative and friendly. We were kept abreast of the latest issues and proceedings. Joe Conlan was very professional and understanding.”

Robert V.

“My experience with your firm was a very good one. Everyone from receptionist, paralegal and up to and especially John Dogum, Esq. I really do not believe any other firm would have even taken my little case. I am still very appreciative of your assistance. Sincere thanks.”

Patricia M.

“It was a pretty comforting experience with Mr. Joe Huttemann. The girls who also work with or for Joe are very nice and professional including Lisa who took care of me at my court appearance. Thank you all!”

Paul S.

“Mr. Wilson, my sincerest thanks for your expertise in handling my workman’s comp. case. I really appreciate everything that you and your staff did for me. Your friendliness and the way that I was treated assured me that I had the right lawyer in my corner.”

Thomas H.

“It was a very excellent experience, and I am very satisfied with the firm and especially with the attorney and how my case was settled and resolved. Thank you for everything.”

Ruben A.

“They were very nice and treated me with respect. They handled my case very well, and kept me well informed with my case. When I called and left a message they responded right away.”

Pauline W.

“Martin [Law] was recommended by a relative and I’m very glad I listened. Mr. Wilson and his associates did a very professional job and I would recommend them to anyone. Once again, Matthew Wilson, thanks for everything.”

Thomas D.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Huttemann and his team. My case included some difficult circumstances that appeared at first to be difficult to overcome. They were able to get my case moving forward and settled it within six months of signing on with the firm. Great job guys!”

Christopher K.

“I’m very pleased with the skill and level of professionalism shown to me and my case by Joseph Huttemann, John Dogum and Joe [Conlan]. I would highly recommend Martin Law to any of my family or friends if they need great representation for a workers’ compensation case.”

Charles W.

“Excellent- nothing more to say. Thank you!”

George A.

“In response to your survey, Joseph Capitan was in my opinion the best and most honest lawyer I have ever met. His honest answers to all my questions. Strong eye contact at all times. Very happy with the outcome of my case with Social Security. Thank you for your help with my future. Now I can get the help I need medically.”

Kathleen S.

“Mr. Alfred J. Carlson is a great [asset] to this company. He [handled] my case with great results, his team is very professional and they know what they are doing. [I’d] like to thank Paula [and] Kristi. They were so [supportive] [of] me. When I had [an] operation, they sent me a beautiful card and I will never forget that. As for me rating Al [and] his team I give them 100% [for] being a lawyer and good person. I would recommend a client or many clients to this firm. You are all great! Thank you.”

Carmen I.

“Dr. Temple referred us to Mr. Huttemann. We are so happy for the way you helped us. We got excellent physical therapy, [doctor] visits and finally a settlement by a company who wanted to drop my case when they got tired of my injury. Thank you!”

Jean J.

“I was referred to your firm by Peter Gardner, Esq., and have been very happy. You met with me in your Malvern office, for which I was very grateful. In meeting with three of your attorneys I have been completely satisfied. Each one made me confident and relaxed in their ability to help me. Thank you and keep up your good work. P.S.- All of your staff from telephone receptionist-secretaries-etc. were great.”

Ruth K.

“Your firm has been very helpful. All my wife and my questions have been answered in a professional and timely fashion.”

Scott & Linda M.

“Your staff is wonderful. Every time we have a question it is answered and if they don’t have an answer they get back to us.”

Robert B.

“Thank you, George Martin and team. I came to your firm with huge medical bills and a career changing injury. Your compassionate, knowledgeable responses cleared all confusion and concern in my time of life changing events. I always received immediate responses to my concerns with practical, trustworthy solutions. Thank you so much for helping me and being my professional friends who guided me through to better days.”

Diane A.

“I thank God for lawyers like you guys to represent people in need like me. Thank you very much.”

Deborah A.

“It is very comforting knowing that my comp. case and Social Security claims are being handled by the best in the business and I have no problem referring someone to the Social Security section and the compensation department.”

Nicholas B.

“I am very pleased with the service I receive from this law firm. Mr. Carlson and everyone that works for him is great. I refer you guys to anyone that I know may need a lawyer and talk about you guys all the time. Thank you so much for everything.”

Saleha R.

“Your staff at the downtown office are very nice. Jen and Meredith have been excellent and very kind when I have called and both have helped with helping my wife’s problem and answering all my questions. In this world today it’s refreshing to have someone that makes a difference.”

Charles H.

“I’m glad I picked the right attorney to represent my case and I’m thankful for all the efforts. Thanks so much!”

Margo B.

“Attorney Carlson is a man of integrity. He has a hardworking reputation. He is personable, energetic and very efficient. I highly recommend Attorney Carlson. He was a blessing in my workers’ comp case. He explained everything about my case in a manner that I clearly understood. My case was a difficult case and after 6 years, he never gave up. He helped ease the stress of going to court. He is a true professional. Thank you Attorney Carlson.”


“Me siento muy agradecido con el servicio prestado, el equipo de trabajo con el que ustedes. Cuentan es excelente, trabajan con responsabilidad y compromiso con los clientes.

Translated: “I am very grateful with the service provided. The work team that you count on is excellent, they work with responsibility and commitment with the clients.” ”

Jose A.

“Mi nombre es Mrs. Engracia Leclerc. Para mi ha sido un placer y de gran satisfaction haber contado con su asesoria de compensacion laboral, estoy muy segura que solo su Firma de abogado podian ganarle mi caso a la compañía de seguro. La cual estaba decidida a no pagar. Pero su experiencia y dedicacion hicieron estos posible. Las gracias a Dios primero y a Martin LLC por ganar mi caso.

*Translated: "My name is Engracia Leclerc. For me it has been a pleasure and great satisfaction to have counted on your advice on workers’ compensation. I am very sure only your law firm could win my case against the insurance company, which was determined to not pay. But your experience and dedication made this possible. I thank God first and Martin LLC for winning my case.”

Engracia L.

“Mi experiencia fue muy agradable, si se lo recomiendo a otras personas. Estaban muy al tanto a mis preguntas. Y me explicaron muy bien, sus asistentes son muy agradables. Si en un futuro los nesesitare, los buscare. Espero que sigan hacia adelante.

*Translated: “My experience was very pleasant, yes I would recommend you to others. You were well aware of my questions and you explained them very well, your assistants are very nice. If I need you in future I will contact you. Keep up the good work.”

Ruth S.

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Awards & Accomplishments

The workers' compensation attorneys at Martin Law have received numerous honors and awards—from other lawyers, neutral third-party publications and trusted consumer organizations. The achievement we are most proud of is simply being able to help the many decent, hardworking people who have suffered the misfortune of a work injury.