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When will I get paid for my workers' comp claim?

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Questions about the details and timing of the workers' comp process are extremely popular - and for a good reason! If you've been hurt at work, you want to know exactly what to expect from the process and, more importantly, when you are likely to get benefits.

Because these benefits will help you pay for your medical bills and other expenses you incur while you recover, it makes perfect sense to want honest, straightforward answers about when you should expect them and what you have to do to obtain them.

In the videos below, George Martin addresses two of the questions regarding the workers' comp process that our clients most often ask us:

Which children qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

We have previously discussed how Social Security Administration programs can benefit children. One of the programs that can help some children is the Supplemental Security Income program. This program is meant to help people who meet certain requirements, including requirements regarding income and resources. Understanding the eligibility requirements for SSI can help people who are trying to determine if they should apply for SSI for their child.

Should I settle my workers' comp claim? How do I settle?

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As a leading workers' compensation firm in Pennsylvania, we receive a wide range of questions related to workers' comp settlements. Why are there so many questions about settlements?

The answer: people ask questions about workers' comp settlements because they want to know how to settle and whether or not they should settle.

I'm an independent contractor, can I file a Workers' Compensation claim?


If you've been hurt in the workplace and told that you cannot get workers' compensation benefits because you are an independent contractor, there is an important question you must ask: "Am I actually an independent contractor?"

Safety Tip: Remove Rings To Avoid Serious Injury

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How are workers' compensation and Jimmy Fallon (star of the Tonight Show) related? They are linked by an injury known as a ring avulsion. Recently, Mr. Fallon suffered this serious injury and had to postpone the taping of his show. The same injury is commonly associated with workers' compensation, as many jobs involving manual labor put workers at a higher risk of suffering a ring avulsion.

Social Security Administration programs that aid children

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 went into effect 25 years ago. The ADA is an important tool that can help people with disabilities to get the accommodations they need to live life to the fullest. 

Many people who think about Social Security Disability Insurance think about adult recipients. It might shock some people to know that each year, around 4.4 million children get monthly benefits because their parent or parents are retired, deceased or disabled. Disabled children can also receive benefits if they meet the requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration. 

Supplemental Security Income payments and incarceration

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After fighting to get Supplemental Security Income (SSI), most people don't want to have to go through the process another time. For some recipients, though, being incarcerated means they will have to go through the application process again.

When a person is incarcerated, his or her SSI benefits are suspended. If the incarceration lasts longer than one year, recipients will have to go through the application process again if they believe they still qualify for benefits. If the incarceration is less than a year, recipients can have benefits reinstated in the month they are released. A copy of the recipient's release documents must be provided for reinstatement to be considered.

When Should I Report My Workers' Comp Claim?

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Are you wondering when you need to tell your employer about your workplace-related injury or illness? Do you have questions about what timeframe you must follow in order to receive workers' compensation benefits? Have you found yourself asking about how quickly you must act in order to be eligible for workers' comp?

Social Security Disability benefits may take years to receive

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When you get injured or find out that you are disabled, there are a lot of thoughts that go through your mind. If you are unable to work because of the injury, illness or disability, your thoughts might turn to paying your bills. There are a variety of medical conditions that might make you eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits, however, aren't usually a quick way to get money coming into your home.

New Videos Answer Your Workers' Comp And SSD Questions

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At Martin Law, we are dedicated to helping injured and disabled people get the answers and compensation they need. As a part of that commitment, we have put together some videos that address frequently asked questions (FAQ) that our clients often ask us and uploaded them to our YouTube channel. In the coming weeks, we will highlight some of these videos on our blog -- check back for more information and answers!


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