Push Pull Injuries

Many work activities can cause serious injuries, especially those that involve significant amounts of pushing, pulling or lifting. While these kinds of activities may not seem that dangerous at the time, these types of resulting injuries can prevent you from returning to work and repairing them may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

At Martin Law, one of the largest workers’ compensation firms representing injured workers in Pennsylvania, we have protected the rights of injured Pennsylvania workers for years. We have the experience and legal knowledge to help you protect your rights and pursue the type of compensation that you deserve. In cases of on-the-job injuries, it is often important to have a lawyer on your side.

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Lifting Injuries At The Workplace

Any type of pushing, pulling and lifting can cause an injury: a ruptured disc; back and spinal cord injuries; injuries to the knees, shoulders and other joints; and even a heart attack in cases that involve heavier-than-usual exertion. In many cases, however, the damage caused by these activities only becomes obvious after the fact when the worker has already gone home.

Since employers and insurance companies often doubt that these injuries are caused on the job, it is important that you have the legal representation you need.

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