Help With Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

After a person is injured on the job, it can be difficult for he or she to know whether to turn to for help. Injured workers often need help receiving quality medical treatment, paying bills and returning to work while staying afloat financially. The system of workers’ compensation is designed to help injured workers obtain the benefits they deserve to pay for medical costs and lost wages during the recovery process.

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Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

In order to increase your chance of a successful workers’ compensation claim, there are many important steps for you to take in the process. First, get the medical help you need and make sure to document that treatment. For injuries that are “less serious”, you may notify your employer in writing prior to seeking medical treatment.

For every kind of injury, it is critical to notify your employer and notify your doctor as soon as possible.

If you have to miss more than three days of work due to your injury, your employer is required to file a first report of injury. There is a statute of limitations in workers’ comp and the time does not usually start ticking this first report of injury is filed.

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