Inclement Weather and Workers Compensation

With the winter season upon us, it is especially important for workers in Pennsylvania to understand the risks of working during inclement weather. No matter what field you are in, there are risks associated with each occupation from office jobs to manual labor.

It is important for both employers and employees to understand their respective rights and obligations under workers’ compensation laws. Employees should promptly report any work-related injuries to leave a paper trail of the accident. It is advisable to seek legal advice for specific situations.

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Inclement weather can have various impacts on workers’ compensation, depending on the nature of the work and the circumstances surrounding the injuries. Below are common injuries sustained because of inclement weather.

  • Visibility and Driving Risks: Workers who must drive as part of their job may face increased risks during inclement weather. Accidents can be caused by many things including poor visibility, slippery roads, etc.
  • Cold Stress and Hypothermia: Workers exposed to extreme cold may suffer from cold stress-related conditions, including hypothermia. If such conditions result in injuries or illnesses, affected workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Slip and Falls: Surfaces wet from rain may become slick leading to increased risk to slip and fall. These surfaces may freeze if the weather drops low enough creating slippery and hazardous conditions.
  • Electrical Hazards Precautions: Electrical hazards can result in various injuries, including electrical shock, leading to falls from elevated surfaces, burns, and even fatalities. Power lines may be impacted by inclement weather leading to fires and explosions.
  • Wind Hazards Precautions: Fallen branches, signage, construction materials, and various objects may become dislodged and fall posing a risk to employees below. Building structures may be damaged by wind causing them to shed debris or even collapse.
  • Driving Hazards Precautions: Wet and icy roads can decrease tire traction increasing the chance of sliding and accidents. Inclement weather may obscure road markings making it difficult for drivers to navigate lanes and intersections safely.
  • Flood Risks Precautions: Inclement weather can lead to flooding, especially in low-lying areas, like construction sites, roadways, and basements, potentially causing equipment to become faulty, or workers to become trapped. Flooding can weaken the foundation of impacted buildings increasing the risk of collapse.

If you do not see your specific injury listed here, that does not mean that you are not eligible for workers’ compensation. Call us today for free to see if you have a case. It’s crucial for workers to be vigilant during inclement weather, follow protocols, and communicate effectively with supervisors and colleagues. Additionally, staying informed about weather forecasts and warnings can help workers plan and adapt to changing conditions.

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With the winter season here, it is especially important for workers and employers to be aware of the hazards associated with working during inclement weather. If the necessary precautions are overlooked, and accidents happen, it is important to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney to ensure you secure all necessary benefits.