Can You Collect Workers’ Compensation While Working?

Can you collect workers’ compensation while working? Or can you collect workers comp while on light duty?

A work injury is something no one expects to go through. Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer work injuries on a daily basis. Some injuries are minor and require minimal treatment. Some injuries are major and result in time out of work. If you are work of work due to a work injury, you are entitled to total disability benefits, which compensates you for your lost time. Feel free to contact the attorneys at Martin Law to assist with any issues while you are out of work.

In certain circumstances, after a work injury, you are released to return to work with restrictions. What this means is that although you are unable to perform your normal job, you are capable of doing something. If you are released to return to work with restrictions, it is up to your employer to offer to you, work within your restrictions. This should be done in writing. If you return to work but are not making the same amount of money that you were earning prior to your work injury, the insurance carrier for your employer must pay you a percentage of the difference between what you are earning and what you were earning before your work injury. These benefits are referred to as partial disability benefits. The exact amount is based on your actual wages. Please contact Martin Law and we can review your wages to ensure that you are properly being compensated. More often than not, your partial disability benefits will not come in a timely fashion, which is why it is important for you to contact Martin Law, so we may monitor the situation and take the appropriate action. As always, it is a free consultation.