More Pennsylvania residents applying for Social Security Disability

Nearly 400,000 Pennsylvania residents qualified for disability in 2011, and the numbers have grown from there. This follows a national trend of more Americans applying for disability payments, and being awarded them through Social Security. The CBO states that the numbers have tripled in the last 40 years.

The Social Security Administration handles the disability programs for disabled workers nation-wide. Currently, the number of disabled workers receiving benefits in the U.S. is nearly nine million. While more than 145,000 disability cases are considered in Pennsylvania each year, more than 70 percent of those will be rejected due to insufficient qualifications or information. In order to avoid being rejected, it is imperative that you fill out your application correctly and meet the requirements given.

Social Security Disability requirements

According to Social Security Administration, you can qualify for Social Security Disability if you meet the following requirements:

  • You must have an adequate number of work credits: In most cases you will need forty work credits, and twenty of those must be earned within the last ten years.
  • You must have a disability under the definition supplied by the SSA: If you are not able to engage in the work that you did previously, are not able to adjust to another type of work due to your medical condition, or expect your disability to last one year or longer, you may be eligible.
  • The SSA is able to determine that your condition is severe and is found in a general list of conditions.
  • There are special situation in which different terms may apply.

Carefully reviewing the requirements may maximize your chances of successfully filling out your disability application.

Disability benefits

Many people depend on their disability benefits to live after being injured while on the job. Since they are no longer able to work, their benefits are expected to cover what they cannot pay for. The amount of Social Security approved earnings you have made during the course of your lifetime will determine the amount of your monthly Social Security Disability payment. The SSA will also look at various details when calculating your monthly benefit amount.

If you are truly in need of disability benefits, it is essential that you apply as soon as possible. If your application is rejected, you can begin the lengthy appeals process to get the compensation that you need.

Starting the appeals process

With so many people being turned down for Social Security Disability benefits, it is crucial that you have an experienced attorney help you in formulating your application. If your application has been rejected, contact an attorney to help you through the lengthy appeals process. While it can take three to five months simply to process your application, the appeals process can take much longer, especially if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. Partner with an attorney to maximize your chances of Social Security Disability approval.