Matthew Wilson to speak at Workers’ Compensation Practice & Procedure 2020

July 1, 2020

Martin Law partner Matthew Wilson is an author of The Workers’ Compensation Practice & Procedure Manual and a faculty member for the programs’ CLE on July 9, 2020. The half...

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Jenna King Nominated to PBA’s Workers’ Compensation Council

June 11, 2020

(Philadelphia, PA) – Jenna King, Esq., our newest workers’ compensation associate, was nominated to the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Council during its May 2020 meeting. Ms. King will serve...

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Furlough versus Layoffs and Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

April 24, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvanians have been subject to layoffs and indefinite furloughs in historic numbers. The difference between a furlough and a layoff is strictly one...

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3 Common Reasons Your Military In-Service Compensation Claim Might Be Denied (And What To Do About It)

November 10, 2017

If you’ve filed a claim for service-connected compensation and your claim has been denied, you’re probably wondering what you did wrong, or could have done differently. All too many times...

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How much can you work while receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

August 30, 2017

Social Security defines disability as an “inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity” because of a physical or mental impairment. In short, to be disabled, you must be unable...

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How does ERISA Affect Long Term Disability?

August 15, 2017

ERISA is the acronym for The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. ERISA is a comprehensive and complicated federal law that was originally intended to protect employee pension plans....

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Why does it take so long to receive a decision on my SSDI/SSI claim?

Initial Level There are multiple steps in the SSDI/SSI application process. When you submit your initial application to the Social Security Administration (SSA), your claim is “developed” by an SSA...

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Matthew Wilson to present at Tough Problems in Workers’ Compensation

March 29, 2017

(Philadelphia) –Martin Law partner Matthew Wilson will be a presenting case law at the Tough Problems in Workers’ Compensation CLE on April 3, 2017. Matthew Wilson is a partner of...

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January 16, 2017

According to the Workers’ Compensation Act, injured workers are entitled to indemnity (wage-loss) benefits equal to two-thirds of their weekly wage for a work-related injury. However, there are minimum and...

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Fall 2016 Newsletter

November 17, 2016

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2016 Spring News Update

April 29, 2016

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Firm Update Newsletter, September 2015

September 1, 2015

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Firm Update Newsletter, Spring 2015

April 1, 2015

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Why You Should Hire A Lawyer For Your VA Appeal

October 8, 2014

If you have been denied the full compensation you deserve from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you have the right to handle the entire process yourself. However, you should...

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Firm Update Newsletter, September 2014

September 1, 2014

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Special workers’ Compensation Protections For Pennsylvania Firefighters

August 18, 2014

The Firefighters Cancer Presumption Act and other laws provide increased workers' comp coverage for firefighters.When the calls for help come in, firefighters charge into burning buildings while other people run...

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Can I Obtain Workers’ Comp And Social Security Disability Benefits?

July 28, 2014

Injured workers can receive Workers' comp and SSDI at the same time, but benefit amounts may be reduced.If you have been permanently disabled in a work-related accident, you may wonder...

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Appellate Court: Chasing Thief Was In Course Of Employment

June 27, 2014

A Pennsylvania appellate court held that a convenience store worker who suffered fatal injuries while chasing a thief was eligible for workers' comp benefits.Walter Wetzel died in April 2010, several...

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Worker Misclassification: How Job Titles Affect workers’ Comp And Other Benefits

May 19, 2014

A trend of hiring contingent workers rather than employees is raising concerns about worker misclassification and its effect on workers' compensation.United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx Ground are major competitors...

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Firm Update Newsletter, April 2014

April 1, 2014

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An unusual twist on attempted murder

February 4, 2014

When a person thinks of the workers' compensation system, he or she rarely considers attempted murder. However, a woman who was attacked by her own son can actually receive workers'...

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Facilities fail to report the existence of toxic chemicals on properties

January 16, 2014

A Reuters examination has uncovered that a national program, which is intended to flag and inform the public of the presence of hazardous chemicals, is not working in many states....

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Employment and changes to Workers’ Compensation benefits

December 31, 2013

Many disabled individuals rely on the income provided by workers' compensation benefits in order to meet their day-to-day expenses. Eligibility for workers' compensation is subject to change, however. For example,...

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Firm Update Newsletter, December 2013

December 1, 2013

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More Pennsylvania residents applying for Social Security Disability

November 12, 2013

Nearly 400,000 Pennsylvania residents qualified for disability in 2011, and the numbers have grown from there. This follows a national trend of more Americans applying for disability payments, and being...

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Ticket to Work Program

October 22, 2013

The Social Security Administration (SSA), which has served the most vulnerable Americans for decades, discovered years ago that some Supplementary Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program...

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PROMISE initiative aims to provide better outcomes for kids on SSI

The United States government recently announced a new initiative aimed at improving the long-term health, education and employment outcomes for children with disabilities who are currently receiving Supplemental Security Income....

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More People Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

The number of people receiving Social Security disability benefits is on the rise. It has almost tripled since 1980, when there were about 2.8 million workers and 1.8 million dependents...

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Initial SSD claims often rejected

Although it is natural to feel defeated when a claim for SSD has been denied, the process is nowhere near over. In fact, the majority of individuals who apply for...

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers Eligible for Disability Benefits

Many people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, sometimes known as Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, face skepticism from the general public. But it is a very real and...

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Backlog of SSD Hearings Increases

In 2007, the Social Security Administration (SSA) set a plan in motion designed to reduce the backlog of pending disability applications and to eliminate the backlog of hearing requests by...

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List of most common workplace injuries for 2013 released

September 10, 2013

No matter what kind of work you do, you face certain types of injury risks. From traumatic industrial accidents to sitting behind a poorly designed desk over a course of...

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Firm Update Newsletter, September 2013

September 1, 2013

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Firm Update Newsletter, Summer 2013

July 1, 2013

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Arc flashes can easily cause Pennsylvania workplace burn injuries

June 18, 2013

A bright flash at a Pennsylvania workplace can prove deadly especially when proper electricity controls are not in place. An arc flash happens when an electrical current leaves its designated...

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Dangerous Chemicals in the Workplace

November 6, 2012

Nearly every occupation carries some degree of risk for the worker. Construction workers face dangers at jobsites, as so many different types of workers are present and it is difficult...

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Medical Update Newsletter, Fall 2012

October 1, 2012

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Police Have Higher Risk of Serious Illness

August 27, 2012

Philadelphia law enforcement officers, take note: a study of police officers in a major metropolitan police department reveals that their occupation appears to be linked to a variety of significant...

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Proposals to Make It Easier to Receive Black Lung Benefits Being Considered

June 12, 2012

In an effort to make it easier for coal miners and their families to receive black lung benefits, the U.S. Department of Labor is considering proposed changes to the rules...

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Firm Update Newsletter, Spring 2012

April 1, 2012

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Returning to Work After A Workers’ Compensation Claim

December 14, 2011

Even if a doctor gives someone a "clean bill of health" to return to work following an accident, where workers' compensation benefits were collected, the injured worker still faces that...

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Workers’ Comp Claims From a Home Office Can Turn On Whether It’s “Work”

Workers' Compensation benefits are designed to help those injured at work-even if "work" means a home office. But as one recent tragic case demonstrates, injuries in the home may be...

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Pennsylvania Rules Regarding Choice of Physician May be Changing for Injured Workers

December 6, 2011

When you are injured while working in Pennsylvania, you want to know that your employer will take care of you. In this tough economy, every dollar counts. Being out of...

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Client Update Newsletter Autumn 2011

October 1, 2011

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Work Outside? Beware Of Summer Heat

July 28, 2011

With the warmest days of summer yet to come, the U.S. Department of Labor is stepping up efforts to spread the word about heat-related illness prevention: for those who work outdoors,...

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Firm Update Newsletter, Summer 2011

July 1, 2011

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Time Limits for Filing Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Claims

June 28, 2011

Is there a time limit to file workers comp? A work injury can disrupt a person's entire life and cause physical pain as well as emotional aggravation from dealing with...

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Philadelphia “Heart and Lung” Disability Act

June 24, 2011

A controversial disability program that provides extra disability protection and benefits to the city's finest police officers and firefighters is under fire from city officials. The program is commonly known...

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Pennsylvania Legislature Implements New Measures to Curb Independent Contractor Misclassification by Construction Firms

April 15, 2011

Independent contractors are widely utilized in the construction business to help reduce costs and bring in valuable outside expertise. For employers, using independent contractors means employment tax savings and the...

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What To Say To a Pennsylvania Doctor When Seeking Treatment for a Work Injury

February 15, 2011

Almost anyone injured on the job in Pennsylvania is entitled to workers' compensation. But when dealing with doctors, there are a number of things injured workers should be aware of....

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Nurses Facing Increasing Violence On the Job

February 2, 2011

Nursing is a well-respected profession that many aspire to as a noble calling. Unfortunately, the profession has been hit by a wave of violence in which nurses have reportedly been...

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Governor Rendell Vetoes Popular Firefighter Bill

January 19, 2011

On November 27, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell put an end to the hopes of firefighters across the state when he vetoed HB 1231, a bill that would have expanded the...

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OSHA’s New FEDTARG Program

January 13, 2011

When the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 became law, it ushered in a new era of protection for workers. The Act initiated a federal program that studied work-related...

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Virginia Quarterly Review Tragedy Highlights Workplace Bullying

January 3, 2011

It is a common and unfortunate reality that many working people complain about being mistreated by a coworker or boss at one point or another in their careers. For many,...

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Medical Update Newsletter, Winter 2011

January 1, 2011

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Bilateral Loss Claims and Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania

November 13, 2010

In Pennsylvania, workers generally must be unable to perform any type of work to receive total disability benefits, which also are referred to as "wage loss benefits." Once the worker...

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Workers’ Compensation Utilization Review in Pennsylvania

July 23, 2010

When a party wants a utilization review under Pennsylvania workers' compensation law, it seeks an independent determination of whether a medical treatment for a work injury is reasonable or necessary....

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Pennsylvania Prescription Costs Higher than Most, Study Says.

In a recent study, the Workers' Compensation Research Institute found that the costs for prescription drugs used to treat injured workers in Pennsylvania were higher than the median cost. The...

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Court Finds Sufficient Medical Evidence in Terminating Benefits

July 21, 2010

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court recently ruled that in workers' compensation cases, an expert's opinion could be held valid even if the expert did not personally examine a specific injury the...

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Firm Update Newsletter, Summer 2010

July 1, 2010

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Workers Comp Benefits Suspended When Worker Refuses Detox Program

March 4, 2010

This past fall, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania upheld a ruling that a workers' compensation insurer can suspend benefits when an injured worker refuses to enter a detox program -...

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