What are workers comp investigators allowed to do? Social Media Tips

As much as you may love social media, give it a rest while you’re involved in a legal case.

What are workers comp investigators allowed to do - social media tips

Information on social media is not private. Once you post, share, tag or text, it can never be taken back or deleted- it’s out there waiting to be discovered. Whether you realize you’re doing it or not, sharing information about your legal matters can damage your case. Follow these simple tips when it comes to social media and your workers’ compensation or other legal matter.

1. Don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Skype, Intsagram and all other social media while being represented by an attorney or law firm.

2. Do change your privacy settings. Select the highest privacy level and accept no follower requests from people you don’t know- it could be an insurance company trying to gain access to your profiles.

3. Don’t delete any existing accounts during litigation, you could be accused of trying to destroy evidence.

4. Don’t communicate with your lawyer using a device provided by your employer. Doing this could provide someone with easy access to your sensitive and confidential legal information.

5. Don’t use a work or shared email account. Use a private email account that is password protected and only accessible from your personal smartphone or computer.