An Overview of the Social Security Disability Process

The Social Security disability process can be long and difficult. However, you can hire an attorney from square one to help you file an application and guide you through each step. This way you will know your rights, what lies ahead, and have someone who will work to maximize your chances of success. Below is a broad overview of the Social Security disability process.

Once you file an application for Social Security disability benefits, it takes approximately 4 to 6 months for the state agency to make a decision. You will be asked to complete forms important to your claim. You may be asked to attend examinations conducted by doctors chosen by Social Security. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of initial applications are denied.

If you live in a state that requires a reconsideration of Social Security’s initial decision (such as New Jersey and Delaware), you will have to wait through another 4 to 6 month review. Most often Social Security confirms that its initial decision to deny benefits was correct. Pennsylvania does not conduct a reconsideration review.

Once the state agency has fully denied your claim, you will now be able to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The good news: This will be your best chance to be approved for Social Security disability benefits. The bad news: On overage it takes between 18 to 21 months to be scheduled for your hearing. A Social Security disability lawyer can make important recommendations to you during this time to help fully develop your case.

You need to speak with a lawyer if you are thinking about filing an application, you want to file an application, have an application pending, need to appeal a denied claim, or are waiting for a hearing. Our consultations are free and we can help you at any step of the process.