Vote No on House Bill 1800 – Keep The Best Care For Your Work Injury

Your workers’ compensation rights are under attack!

The Pennsylvania Legislature will be conducting hearings on House Bill 1800 that would eliminate your doctor’s right to provide the best care for your work injury. This bill will allow for the creation of medical panels that would determine what care is necessary for injuries, as opposed to your doctor determining the course of your treatment. This independent panel would determine the appropriate course of treatment for injuries regardless of individual circumstances. Your doctor would no longer be able to determine the best treatment for your recovery. If you don’t make your voice heard and contact your state legislator this might become the way work injuries are handled in Pennsylvania.

Please contact your state legislator and ask them to vote NO on HB 1800!

Please click here to find your state representative or call us at 215-587-8400 and we will provide you with the name and number of your representative.

Your effort today, along with that of your family and friends, can help turn legislators against this piece of legislation!