Disability claims require evidence that you can’t do activities

Qualifying for Supplemental Security Income is the first step in a process for living the life you deserve when you have a disability and haven’t been able to meet the work requirements to qualify for Social Security Disability. As we discussed in a previous blog post, if you qualify for SSI in Pennsylvania, you also qualify for Medicaid so you can get the medical care you need.

Of course, your first step is to actually get approved for SSI. That approval process can be complicated. Most people are denied on their initial application, but that gives them the chance to appeal the denial. We can help you to complete the initial application. We know that determining how you can present your case and prove your disability can be taxing.

One factor that is important is the disability onset date, which we discussed in a previous blog. That date is important, but can also be difficult to determine. We can work with you to determine when your disability began and help you gather the proof you need to show that factor of your claim.

We can also help you to gather your medical records and other non-medical evidence that can help to show your disability. Non-medical evidence, such as journals you have written and information about what activities are difficult for you to complete, can also help with your disability claim.

You don’t have to try to navigate through the Social Security system alone. We can help you as you try to obtain the benefits that can help you to get the basic necessities of life.