Numerous conditions can qualify for Social Security Disability

The Social Security Blue Book lists the conditions that might qualify an adult for Social Security Disability. This list is updated periodically with new conditions. The listings are divided into 14 categories. Each category contains the information that pertains to the conditions that are included in the category.

The listings in the blue book are musculoskeletal system, special senses and speech, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, genitourinary disorders, hematological disorders, skin disorders, endocrine disorders, congenital disorders that affect multiple body systems, neurological, mental disorders, cancer and immune system disorders.

Anyone who is considering filing for SSD should find out if the condition he or she has is on the list in the blue book. Some conditions that are listed in the blue book have special criteria that must be present in order for the person to qualify for SSD.

In the case of cancer, only certain cancers will qualify a person for SSD. There are cases in which a person might qualify for SSD for a cancer that isn’t on the list. The SSA might consider therapies for cancer and how they affect a person if the effects are severe enough to prevent gainful employment.

Some people who have a condition that prevents them from working but that isn’t on the list might have to fight for their benefits. While this can be difficult, it might be easier if you work with someone who understands the SSD system.

You don’t have to take a rejection of benefits at face value. You can explore your options to appeal the ruling and continue to pursue your benefits.