Should I settle my workers’ comp claim? How do I settle?

closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

As a leading workers’ compensation firm in Pennsylvania, we receive a wide range of questions related to workers’ comp settlements. Why are there so many questions about settlements?

The answer: people ask questions about workers’ comp settlements because they want to know how to settle and whether or not they should settle.

In the videos below, attorneys Al Carlson and Matt Wilson (both partners at Martin Law) answer these questions. While these videos offer a general overview of these topics, no two situations are exactly alike – because of this, it is important to have an attorney analyze your case so that you can know whether you are making the right decision.

We want you to have access to the resources that you need during this tough time in your life, so we offer free consultations. This allows you to get the answers you need, directly from an attorney, without adding additional financial burden.

If you have additional questions about workers’ compensation, we encourage you to view our other FAQ videos and then contact us to discuss your specific questions.