Online appeal process for Social Security has been streamlined

People who have applied for Social Security and have been denied have been complaining about the online appeal process. The Social Security Administration has responded to those complaints. People who need to appeal a decision can now do so using a streamlined online process.

The online appeal option was put into place in 2007. Since then, the SSA has gotten complaints about the need to provide duplicate information and having to complete the appeal and medical report in different sessions. Now, a person who is appealing a decision can file the appeal, complete the medical report and even upload supporting documents all at once as part of the appeal process. Requests for duplicate information have been reduced.

The navigation for the old appeal process online was another issue. That navigation is now said to be easier and more streamlined. The messages on the screen are said to be concise and clear. On-screen help has also been improved.

Some people might be interested in the option to file appeals while out of the country. In the past, the online appeal option was only available to people in the United States. With the new process, it is possible to appeal a decision even if you aren’t on U.S. soil.

Even with the new streamlined online appeal process, some people might still find the process of applying for benefits and appealing decisions a bit overwhelming. Seeking help as you go through the process might help you to feel a little more at ease. It is important to fully understand all the questions and requests since your reply to each can impact the decisions made regarding your case.

Source:, “Appealing your Social Security decision online,” Kimberly Yellow Robe, May 29, 2015