Chemical Exposure: An Ongoing Crisis

In the past, we’ve blogged about the harm that chemical exposure can pose to workers and other individuals. Two recent CBS Philly stories have highlighted the ever-present danger of chemical exposure, and we will be providing more in-depth analysis of those situations in the coming weeks. As a primer on this topic, we invite you to view the following resources:

Martin Law - pesticide exposure blog postThis blog entry reviewed the harm that pesticide exposure can cause to farm workers and others who come in contact with toxic chemicals.

Marting Law - Hydraulic fracking blog postWith the rise in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to obtain natural gas and oil, workers are continually exposed to crystalline silica and other harmful chemicals. Even if safety measures are in place, they may not be adequate to protect workers (as this blog entry discusses).


This CBS Philly video tells the tale of a local man who was exposed to the deadly chemical methyl bromide while on the job. His life has not been the same since the exposure, and he must endure the physical and emotional fallout that the chemical caused.

Another CBS Philly video – telling the story of a family exposed to methyl bromide while on vacation – features analysis from Martin Law Partner Joseph Huttemann.

Check back in the coming weeks as we take a closer look at these situations and at the danger posed by chemical exposure.