The Safe Guys

Safe Guys Commercial

“The lawyers at Martin Law love their work, helping protect the rights of injured and disabled workers…” So begins the newest entry in our Safe Guys series of videos.

The video features Martin Law attorneys George Martin, Joe Huttemann and Matt Wilson. As dramatic music plays in the background, the video shows them working to prevent injuries:

  • Mr. Martin places a “Caution, Wet Floor” sign on the ground and receives a thumbs up from the janitor who is mopping the floor in the background.
  • Mr. Huttemann stacks a jar of pasta sauce on a pyramid to prevent a worker from causing the entire pyramid of jars to topple and cause both a mess and serious injuries.
  • Mr. Wilson emerges from an open manhole in the street, shakes his head at the negligent manner in which the manhole was left open and unguarded, and then puts the cover into place as he descends into the sewer.

The first installment of our Safe Guys series also featured George Martin and Joe Huttemann in their same roles, but also starred attorney Al Carlson, who swoops in at the last minute to prevent a businesswoman from falling to the ground when her chair rolls out from under her.

While these videos are humorous, they nonetheless highlight the real dangers that workers experience in the workplace every day. While we hope that you enjoy these videos for their entertainment value, our primary goal in making them is to do more than just entertain; we want to make something that is memorable. If you are ever injured in the workplace, we hope that you remember these videos and their message that you have the right to pursue workers’ compensation.

We encourage you to visit our YouTube page to see our other videos and commercials. And remember, “Martin means workers’ compensation.”