Martin Law’s Matt Wilson Talks Certification on ‘CBS 3’

On September 25, Matthew Wilson made an appearance on CBS 3’s Talk Philly to talk with Pat Ciarrocchi about the importance of certification when it comes to choosing an attorney for your workers’ compensation case.

So Why Is Certification Important?

Just as you would shop around for the best doctor if you had a medical issue — you should look for the best lawyer for your case. Certification is a new standard by which you can determine a truly qualified lawyer. The certification process requires a lawyer to sit for a 4-hour exam after qualifying to take the exam. Requirements include: at least half you practice is focused on workers’ compensation, your continuing legal education is focused on workers’ compensation and you’ve practiced for at least 5 years.

It is actually harder to qualify for the test, hence why so many who practice workers’ compensation have not taken the test. Out of the 700+ members of the Pennsylvania Bar Association who practice some workers compensation cases only 190 have taken and passed the test.

So while there are many advertisements out there with attorneys who claim to be the best workers’ compensation attorneys you should really look for that “Certified Specialist” label to know you’ve got a good attorney. Martin law is proud to have six (6) attorneys who have been certified as specialists in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the PA Bar Association’s section on workers’ compensation law as authorized by the PA Supreme Court. That’s THE MOST of any firm in Pennsylvania!

Watch the entire interview by clicking here!