Explosion rocks workplace leaving 11 people injured

The following story is, sadly, indicative of many workplace accidents around the country. More specifically, in many workplace accidents it is discovered that the company or business in charge of the facility failed to enact certain changes or protocols that could have prevented the disastrous workplace accident from occurring.

In the latest incident, a business that did chrome polishing suddenly exploded, causing many people who were in the vicinity to think that an earthquake was happening or that a sonic boom had suddenly occurred. As a result of the explosion, 11 workers were injured. Two of the injured workers suffered critical harm in the form of serious burns.

The early indications by firefighters are that the explosion was caused by a blocked air duct, probably as a result of a buildup of lint and dust. The business was cited for numerous safety violations in January 2013, though they settled the charges with a $1,975 payment to their local Occupational Health and Safety division. Was $1,975 worth the cost of nearly a dozen people suffering serious injuries that will likely cost the workers many times more in medical costs and lost income?

That’s the thing about workplace accidents: they leave injured workers in pain not only physically, but in their wallets too. They can’t work, they have medical bills to pay and all the while they are dealing with the physical and mental toll of the accident. That’s a lot to bear, but Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income can aid these injured workers in the aftermath.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Eleven hurt in blast at La Habra chrome polishing plant,” Adolfo Flores, April 29, 2014