Web technology helps parents in rural areas understand ABA

Autism affects children across the country and in many different areas of Pennsylvania. When you live in a big city like Philadelphia, however, it is easy to forget that where you live affects the treatment options that are available to you. Many people in Pennsylvania live in rural areas that are not equipped to provide treatment like applied behavioral analysis that benefits many people who live with autism.

Because professionals who are trained in applied behavioral analysis are not commonly practicing in rural areas, parents who want their children to benefit from ABA are forced to drive to clinics that are far away. Not only is this difficult from a scheduling perspective, but it is also expensive to pay for gas and maybe even a hotel room if the clinic is too far away to make the trip in one day. Fortunately, some researchers have come up with a promising way to help parents and children in this situation.

The researchers created what they call the Online Applied System for Intervention Skills to solve this problem. OASIS, as it’s referred to, is a Web-based tool that helps parents understand applied behavioral analysis and how to implement it in their homes. The program also includes video sessions with an ABA coach. An initial small study showed that OASIS was beneficial to the families who used it.

Although OASIS is still being tested, its promising results so far may offer hope to families who live in rural Pennsylvania. In the meantime, those who are having a hard time finding ways to afford the necessary treatment for their children may want to consider applying for Supplement Securiting Income, which can provide financial support for costs related to a disability.

Source: Disability Scoop, “Telemedicine Shows Promise For ABA Therapy,” Michelle Diament, April 22, 2014