Pennsylvania workers at risk for chemical spills

The recent chemical spill in West Virginia may have left many people living in Pennsylvania wondering about the risk of a chemical spill in their neighborhood. Chemical spills are very dangerous for everyone involved. However, those who work around hazardous chemicals every day face many risks that the general public probably isn’t aware of.

Did you know that Pennsylvania is fifth in the nation for hazardous chemical spills and incidents? Chemical spills can result in serious injuries and fatalities for workers transporting and working near these chemicals. Chemical spills are also dangerous for the entire community by harming the environment and exposing people to hazardous chemicals.

Federal records show that since 2000, 86 people have been injured in chemical spills in Pennsylvania and one person has died. While this may not seem like a high number, chemical spills can result in horrific injuries for workers so any number of workers being injured or killed due to chemical spills and exposure is too high.

Workers in Pennsylvania should be aware of the dangers of working with hazardous chemicals, even if they don’t work with chemicals on a daily basis. Being exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace can result in very serious occupational illnesses and injuries like chemical burns and toxic inhalation that can be fatal in some cases.

Companies that transport and work with hazardous chemicals should be aware of the dangers and make sure everyone understand the dangers of working with these chemicals and provide proper training and protective equipment to prevent accidents and injuries. Workers should also take steps to reduce their risk of chemical exposure and be sure to report any potential safety issues to their employer to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Source: Citizens Voice, “Pa. fifth in the nation in hazardous spills,” Natasha Khan, Feb. 21, 2014