Back injuries are number one workplace injury in US

Workplace injuries can result in short-term and long-term complications for workers. There are many different types of workplace injuries that workers commonly suffer from, but did you know that back injuries are still the number one type of workplace injury in the United States?

Back injuries are caused by a variety of factors and can happen in almost any type of job. Back injuries are usually caused by a worker spraining or straining their back while trying to perform a task. Back injuries can also be caused by lifting heavy objects or by repetitively straining their back while working.

The causes of back injuries are pretty well-known. That is why employers are supposed to take proper safety precautions to keep their workers from being injured on-the-job. Employers and workers should be aware of what steps to take to prevent back injuries.

Below is a list of safety tips and considerations to make to help prevent back injuries in the workplace.

  • Reduce twisting, bending, reaching and lifting to prevent back injuries whenever possible
  • Have two workers lift heavy items or use a machine to perform the task
  • Use a ladder or step stool to reduce awkward movements
  • Provide protective equipment like a back support to reduce the risk of injury

It is also very important for workers to be trained on how to safely perform their job duties, including ways to reduce back injuries. Workers should be educated on safe lifting techniques, when to ask for extra help when lifting objects and stretches that can help reduce back strain and stress.

Workers should be aware of the risks that can cause back injuries and take steps to prevent injuries in the workplace. Employers also need to be responsible for training and education employees to reduce the risk of injuries.

Source: Occupational Health & Safety, “Back to the Future,” Andy Olson, Feb. 1, 2014