Construction worker injured in roof collapse

Despite the fact that the state of Pennsylvania is in the throes of winter, construction work continues in the Philadelphia area as well as throughout the state. Accordingly, the possibility that a worker will be injured in a construction accident exists. In fact, earlier this month a man was injured and taken to an area hospital when a roof collapsed on the construction site where he was working.

According to authorities, the worker was hurt when some roof trusses collapsed, pinning the man. He was trapped for close to an hour before rescue workers were able to free the lower part of his body and provide medical care. Though the nature of his injuries is unknown, a hospital spokesman indicated that he had been released.

Working in the field of construction is a very physical job. Accordingly, it is possible that someone who has been physically injured may not be able to work for a period of time while he or she recovers. During that time a worker may be able to secure workers’ compensation benefits. Among other things, these benefits can provide coverage for medical expenses and the earnings one would have received had he or she been working. When a worker dies as a result of a workplace accident, his or her dependents could get death benefits.

Though most employers in the state of Pennsylvania are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, the fact that they have it does not always translate into the injured worker receiving the benefits. When a claim for benefits is denied, a worker can file an appeal. In this situation some workers seek the assistance of a lawyer who handles such matters.

Source: The Intelligencer, “Buckingham roof collapse victim out of hospital,” Michael Macagnone, Jan. 16, 2014