Survey: some workers afraid to report injuries

Workplace injuries can be very serious and cause long-term complications and financial issues for workers in Pennsylvania. Companies are supposed to keep workplaces free from hazards and prevent workplace injuries. Unfortunately, workplace injuries continue to occur, and a new report shows that many workers are afraid to even report their injuries in the workplace.

A new survey found that one in 10 workers did not report a workplace injury because they were scared of retaliation after reporting their injury. The finding that roughly nine percent of workers do not report a workplace injury is troubling as all workers should be able to report their injuries and safety hazards in the workplace.

The survey found that three percent of those surveyed said that have suffered multiple work-related injuries and failed to report these injuries out of fear. Workers are afraid that they will be fired, denied a promotion or harassed at work after reporting an injury, according to the survey.

The most troubling finding is that it isn’t just minor workplace injuries that are not being reported. Workers are also not reporting serious injuries like slip and falls, machinery injuries, burns and injuries due to workplace violence.

It is important that workers feel like they are able to report work-related injuries to make their employer aware of safety hazards and to prevent accidents in the future. The finding that workers are not always reporting serious injuries is disturbing to say the least.

Workers who are injured on-the-job should know their rights. Workers are supposed to be protected from hazards, and employers need to take steps to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. Workers who have been injured should file a workers’ compensation claim to help pay for their medical expenses and any lost wages.

Source: FindLaw, “How Many Workplace Injuries Go Unreported?” Brett Snider, Dec. 20, 2013