OSHA investigating Salvation Army in Philly building collapse

It has been six months since the collapse of a Salvation Army building in Philadelphia. While people stopped to remember those who died and were injured in the collapse, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is continuing its investigation into the incident.

A construction crew was working to demolish the building next door when a wall fell onto the Salvation Army building adjacent to the demolition. Six people were killed and 13 were injured after the roof collapse. Both workers and patrons of the Salvation Army were in the store at the time, and OSHA is now investigating whether the Salvation Army knew of integrity issues in the wall and if they should have done more to protect employees and customers.

When an employer is aware of a dangerous situation, but fails to remedy the problem, they might be considered negligent. If a worker is injured or killed in Philadelphia because of an employer’s negligence, they might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Construction sites, especially those involving demolitions, can be very dangerous not only for workers but for other people in the area. It is important that construction companies have safety procedures in place and make safety their top priority.

A worker who is injured in a Philadelphia construction accident might be wise to speak with an attorney. They can help a worker understand their rights and help them seek compensation. This compensation might be useful to pay for medical expenses and any lost wages and other expenses that arise from the injury.

Source: NBC 10, “Did Store Managers Know of Danger Before Building Collapse?” Vince Lattanzio, David Chang, Dec. 4, 2013