Welder killed in Pennsylvania after industrial accident

Industrial workers face many hazards in the workplace, and a recent workplace accident highlights the risks these workers face in Pennsylvania. A welder was recently killed in a workplace accident after a 10,000 gallon fuel oil tank exploded at an industrial worksite.

The explosion happened at Brownies Oil Co. in Mercer County. The explosion resulted in the tank flying across the road and injuring a welder who worked for the oil company. The worker was welding near the fuel tank and died after suffering blunt-force trauma injuries from the explosion.

The fire department arrived at the scene of the explosion and firefighters were unsure if the worker was welding at the time of the explosion or not. Firefighters said the other propane tanks were not involved in the explosion, which could have led to more explosions and damage to the industrial park.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will most likely investigate this accident to determine what caused the explosion and if the oil company violated any safety standards that led to the fatal industrial accident.

This workplace accident is an example of the risks industrial workers face on-the-job every day in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. Industrial workers should be aware of the hazards at work and receive proper training to avoid hazards. Workers injured in industrial accidents may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and other compensation, especially if the company violated safety regulations. Industrial workers injured at work should contact a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss their specific case and see what benefits may be available.

Source: Huffington Post, “Brownies Oil Co. Explosion Kills One Worker, Causes Fuel Spill In Mercer County, Pennsylvania,” Aug. 19, 2013