Attorney Carlson on Workers Comp Hearing Loss Claims

Martin Law partner Alfred J. Carlson was recently quoted in an article titled, “Work-Related Hearing Loss Claims: Conclusive Data Prove Elusive” written by Karen Pallarito for The Hearing Journal on April 2013 – Volume 66 – Issue 4. The article discusses the ongoing significant problem of hearing loss in the U.S. and the trend of workers in high-risk jobs not filing claims. Many workers’ comp law hearing loss claims are not filed due to lack of awareness that a claim can be made.

“To control workers’ compensation costs, some states have tightened rules for paying claims. Pennsylvania did so in 1995, making it harder for plaintiffs to meet hearing loss thresholds for compensation and reducing the number of cases filed, observed Alfred J. Carlson, MBA, JD, a partner with Martin Law in Philadelphia.”

“Very rarely, if ever, will they voluntarily pick up any type of repetitive trauma case,” Mr. Carlson said. “You have to litigate that case out because they’re going to want to get an examination with their own doctor and see if there are other causes for the hearing loss.”

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