Three Selected to “Awesome Attorneys” List

We are proud to announce that three Martin Banks attorneys, George Martin, partner; Matt Wilson, partner and Amit Shah, senior associate, have been listed as “Awesome Attorneys” in the December 2012 issue of Suburban Life and  Philadelphia Life magazines.

“Most people going through an injury with a wage loss need reassurance that their case is being serviced and they are important,” says Matthew L. Wilson, partner with Martin Banks. “The only way you do that is with lots of qualified personnel.” Each of the firm’s litigating attorneys has a team of support staff to ensure that the needs of clients-and their families-are being met.


George Martin
Martin Law

One thing you wish you had known in law school:
That practicing law gets better as you get older.

If you could have a superpower for one week:
I would want to be Superman, but he has more than one superpower.

One of your personal heroes or mentors:
Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center because he has done so much to fight intolerance and hatred in the face of great personal risk.

Something most clients might not know about you:
I am an avid outdoorsman.

One TV show you simply cannot miss:
[“The Daily Show” with] Jon Stewart because I get the latest news and get to laugh at the same time.

I am at my best when______:
I am at one with nature, getting an adrenaline rush.