Small Business and Office Safety – Are Safety Policies in Place?

Many employees, if asked, would say that their workplace has safety procedures that could be put in place in the event they become necessary. Workers may even notice their workplace conducting a fire or severe weather drill, so that everyone knows how to proceed in an efficient fashion.

A study by of offices and small businesses revealed some startling information concerning workplace safety. Many workers believed that their workplace had safety procedures, but few of them knew what the policies actually entailed. This knowledge gap could be a critical factor in leading to more workplace accidents.

The study determined that managers often had a better grasp of the safety procedures being utilized in the workplace, but, often, there was a failure to communicate these policies to workers. Roughly 70 percent of managers knew specifics about emergency communication procedures in place, compared to less than 50 percent of non-management personnel.

Over half of the managers also believed that their companies were able to handle any chemical or hazardous material spills, however 23 percent of workers said they would have no idea what to do if an accident happened.

This report focused on offices and small businesses, organizations that have fewer employees to accomplish day to day tasks. This could mean that safety is taking a backseat to production.

Safety is a critical part of any work environment, but there are several things that must be accomplished to get safety plans to work as designed. While knowledge of safety procedures is very important, knowing what to do at the proper time can help prevent workplace accidents.

Source: “Survey: Office workers unsure of company safety plans” August 17, 2012.