Two Crane Accidents Lead to Worker Fatalities

New construction projects will require a great deal of planning before they can get underway. Whether it is remodeling an existing building or structure or completing something brand new, the project will require the participation of many types of skilled workers.

Unfortunately, major construction projects also carry a great deal of risk for those working at the job site. Construction accidents are a constant worry for workers, especially since so many different companies are usually present.

Recently, there have been two crane accidents that have led to workplace fatalities in other states. These accidents underscore the danger that construction workers can face whenever they are on-the-job.

In Wisconsin, work was being performed on a bridge that is part of a busy highway. The crane was lifting a 52-ton girder when it collapsed, killing a worker on the bridge. The crane operator was also seriously injured. It was the second fatal crane accident that has happened during this project, and the company’s safety record is being called into question.

In Texas, two workers were killed when the crane they were in collapsed. The crane was being used in the construction of a new building on the University of Texas at Dallas campus. Officials investigating the accident believe that weather may have played a role, as a thunderstorm containing wind gusts of 40 miles per hour was approaching the area.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has very strict rules in place when cranes will be used at jobsites. Those companies that do not follow these rules can find themselves receiving severe penalties. This can also result in the projects being shut down until officials can be assured that all safety procedures are being followed.

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