Another Stage Collapse Highlights Dangers for Concert Workers

There is usually some sort of festival going on every weekend of the summer. Whether it is a small neighborhood block party or a large outdoor concert, crews will need to set up a stage for a band to perform. While many events happen without incident, concert venues are starting to see some tragic accidents that are have lead to some workers being killed in the workplace.

There have been a number of high-profile stage collapses over the past year that have resulted in injuries and deaths. The most dangerous accident happened last year in Indiana; six people were killed when a storm hit prior to the band Sugarland taking the stage. The most recent incident happened in Toronto before the start of a Radiohead concert.

The crowd was not yet present, as the accident occurred hours before the concert was scheduled. However, a member of the band’s touring crew was killed when the stage roof collapsed, trapping the individual below the debris.

When a stage needs to be built for a show, several different people will be present at a concert site. Promoters will hire someone to build the stage, and then the band will also have their equipment to set up. In addition, security, vendors and other necessary personnel will all be on hand to ensure that the show remains on schedule and runs smoothly.

All of these groups need to communicate with one another to help keep the show safe for everyone. Since these groups are under considerable time constraints, there is very little room for error. Delays or mistakes can cost money, which can lead to upset concert goers.

Despite the pressures, promoters need to take steps to ensure safety those attending and presenting the show. More investigation may be needed to determine additional precautions to take when constructing stages for concerts to prevent these tragic accidents.

Source: Kansas City Star “Radiohead drum technician killed in stage collapse” Rob Gillies and Charmaine Noronha