Martin Law Participates in Relaunch of Home-Buy-Now Program

On July 18, the City of Philadelphia relaunched the Home-Buy-Now program. Martin Law employee, Michael Clancy, was a speaker at the relaunch of the program. Martin Law is one of 10 employers who have signed on to the new program for employers outside of the targeted areas.

“Growing up, I dreamed about owning my own home. It means everything in the world to me. Without the Philadelphia Home-Buy-Home program owning my own home would just not be possible,” said Mr. Clancy. “I selected a home in a nice neighborhood in Pennsport-Whitman. I cannot wait until my settlement on August 10. My home will give me and my family of four stability and happiness.”

HBN Relaunch - July 2011 022

Philadelphia Home-Buy-Now is a program that helps Philadelphia’s workforce to become homeowners. The City provides incentives for participating employers who offer their employees grants or forgivable loans toward the purchase price of a new home within the city limits. The City will match this funding up to $4,000 per home buyer.