Kids Chance of Pennsylvania — Scholarship For Children of Injured Workers

Many families that suffer the loss of a parent due to a work-related incident find themselves in financial need. Buying the basics, such as food, becomes problematic. Never mind finding the resources to pay for the educational needs of the children.

A non-profit organization, Kids’ Chance of Pennsylvania, is devoted to helping children in the Keystone State who lost a working parent overcome the financial burden of their educations. It provides scholarships to help pay the cost of college or other educational needs.

Formed in 1997, Kids’ Chance of PA, as it’s known, was founded by individuals experienced in workers’ compensation, such as attorneys, self-insurers, nurses and rehabilitation specialists. All of them shared a vision that children are important and need the required educational skills to be successful in life. This includes access to college. Giving children the educational tools they need will help them reach their dreams, even after suffering through the devastation of losing a parent to a workplace injury.

Part of a broader national organization, Kids’ Chance of PA distributed $110,000 in scholarships in 2009-2010 to 45 deserving young people. These scholarships were funded with donations from companies, individuals, and workers’ compensation groups, foundations and events held throughout the state.

To be eligible for a Kids’ Chance of PA scholarship, an applicant needs to meet criteria stipulated by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. The Act specifies having a parent who was either killed or seriously injured in a work-related incident. Applicants must be within the 16-to-25 age group and gain acceptance to an accredited college or other post-secondary institution. Scholarships are not available to graduate students.

Scholarship applications are typically due in April of the proceeding year that the applicant will enter college. Award notifications are distributed in August. The attorneys at Martin Law have been proud to support Kids’ Chance since its founding. Read more information on Kids’ Chance of PA scholarships. Contact us if you have suffered a work-related injury or a family member was killed on the job. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you navigate the worker’s compensation process in Pennsylvania.