Clairton Steel Plant Explosion Injures at Least Fourteen

An explosion and fire at United States Steel Corp’s Clairton, Pennsylvania, plant — Clairton Coke Works — resulted in the serious injury of at least 14 employees (various sources have stated as few as 14 injuries and as many as 20). Six injured workers, two of them in critical condition, were transported to the burn unit at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center hospital in Mercy, with others taken to local burn units and hospitals. A joint investigation is underway by representatives from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the United Steelworkers’ Union and company officials, but industry experts say that the likely culprit was flammable gas produced in the coking process.

Clairton Coke Works is the nation’s largest producer of what is known as “coke,” a vital component in the manufacture of steel. The plant produces millions of tons of heat-treated and purified coal (coke) each year.

Unfortunately, injuries are not unusual at the plant. This is the second industrial accident that caused injuries at the plant in less than a year. A smaller explosion in September 2009 killed a contractor working in one of the coke ovens and injured another.
Obviously, an on-the-job accident will come with medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. These workers and other similarly situated injured employees in Pennsylvania can pursue a number of benefits, including:

  • Medical coverage
  • Lost wages
  • Payment of workers’ compensation or disability benefits
  • Seeking appropriately qualified medical treatment
  • Exploring third party lawsuits against manufacturers of defective products

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